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miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

The Internet Identification of 666

666=WWWIn recent years there have been interpretations, that increasingly has gained more followers, identifying the 666, not a person or a living being, but with an object: the Internet and, in particular, with the largest proportion of this: the World Wide Web (www).

This theory can be summed up as follows: The sixth letter of the Semitic alphabets is the waw, that is, our w. These languages (except Arabic) also used the first letters of their alphabet to identify the numbers (they had a separate symbols for numbers.) The 6, in these languages, is written with the letter waw: thus, 666 = www (waw waw waw). The founders of Christianity and original writers of the New Testament spoke Semitic languages (Aramaic and Hebrew).

The first signs of this link emerged in the late twentieth century, when, after the completion of an archaeological dig trying to find the remains of the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in the vicinity of the Dead Sea, they found remains of an ancient Semitic culture so far unknown, which, in his prints, identified the end of the world in the future to be linked to a being with three repeated symbols, very similar to the Greek capital letter omega (Ω). The Greek capital omega is a symbol, also in the Christian tradition, linked to the end of time and that, visually, is only an upside down v. The lowercase omega (ω) on the other hand, is our w. These three symbols above them attributed the possible pronunciation [uom]: the sign of this being would, therefore, uom, uom, uom.

A report on these excavations had been delivered years ago, on Spanish television.

The three symbols that would be linked to the end of the world..

This led to his identification with the letter [waw], present in the alphabets Semitic Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic, which represents the w of the Latin alphabet and that is precisely the 6th letter in the management of the Hebrew alphabets (ו), Aramaic, Phoenician and Punic, and also in traditional Arabic alphabetic order (و), ie in the order of Abyad. It is also the sixth letter of the alphabet Etruscan. Number 6, therefore, indicate just the 6th letter of the alphabet that were originally written in the biblical texts and represent the letter w. Thus, 666 would be only www (World Wide Web). In support of this hypothesis, they argue that, explicitly, in Revelation it is said that in the future, "none can buy or sell, unless you take that mark, [which is] the name of the beast or the number of his name", making it relate to e-commerce increasingly spread across the net (Revelation 13, 17).

Moreover, the letter [waw] in Aramaic and Arabic (and more schematically in Hebrew) is drawn as a 9, ie, 6 reversed, and the invertion of symbols, such as the inverted cross, traditionally has been a resource used by Satanism, additional reason that has led to the identification of that letter with this number. It must be remembered, moreover, that Aramaic was the language allegedly used Jesus in his preaching.

The equivalence between name and number also is clear in Revelation:

"so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666" (Revelation 13, 17-18)

Against this theory, it can be argued that the book of Revelation states that the number 666 refers to a "it is man's number", not a date or something (Revelation 13, 18), although nothing would prevent that, in a future, any company or organization is made unconsciously ([1], [2], [3]) or consciously with the Internet domain, and in the top of any organization or company there are always people.

Other theorists also suggest that, with the letter W in a way to write the 6 in Roman numerals (VI), then www (the "World Wide Web") represent this number.

The waw (w) Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic, with its typical form of inverted 6. The symbols invertion has traditionally been a resource used by Satanism.

The waw is the sixth letter of the alphabet Aramaic language, spoken by Jesus.

The waw is also the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, language used by the priests at the time of Jesus.

The waw is also the sixth letter of the Phoenician and Punic alphabets.

The waw is also the sixth letter of the alphabet Etruscan.

The waw was also the sixth letter of the Arabic alphabet in its traditional management.

You can see also:

The 666 also appears, with each of its figures equidistant, in all barcodes.

The origin of "evil" of the letter w

The letter w, and the v and u, comes from the Phoenician waw, as we said, the sixth letter of the alphabet. In hieratic Egyptian variant takes the form of a trident (similar to ψ) or a head with horns, a little more proximity to the current w. It's like a lowercase omega (ω) long which is added to a central pole. The lowercase omega, moreover, has the same origin.

Finally, it should be noted that the Phoenician waw is also the home of our F, oddly the sixth letter of our alphabet.

The Phoenician waw, sixth letter of the alphabet, origin of our w and ψ akin to the Egyptian hieratic.

Additional Curiosities

One final curiosity: In the fictional film The Day of the Beast of Álex de la Iglesia, is situated the birth of the Antichrist enters Madrid KIO Towers, skyscrapers that tilted curiously form an inverted V. Madrid is also the only town in the world that has erected a statue of the Fallen Angel, located on the other hand, just 666 meters above sea level.

And finally: the Webdings of our computers do not stop to pay homage to these towers: When you type in them the slashes / \ and Webdings format change to get this:/ \

This article, included as a section in the article "Marca de la Bestia" was deleted from the Spanish-language Wikipedia by Ecemaml.

Image "666.JPG" public domain, from Commons.

Picture "666Fear.jpg" public domain, from Commons.

Picture "27-Waw.png" from Commons, licensed "GNU Free Documentation."

Picture "PhoenicianW-01.png" from Commons, licensed "GNU Free Documentation."

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